Edy Lenner

The Edy Lenner brand started as a small startup in 2017.
Edina Lenner, the founder and designer of the brand, started making crocheted products as a hobby, and received a lot of positive feedback from the first moment.
Over time, your kind words motivated us even more and we felt it was time to market our unique and made-to-order products under our own brand name.
This is how Edy Handmade was born, whose products are made by hand and with love.
The brand has become a favorite of a larger community, which is due to the brand's philosophy and the use of natural ingredients.
It has always been important to us to make quality products that our customers are satisfied with. To this end, we constantly refined our techniques and worked to create our new collections using the best raw materials.
In 2023, we felt for the first time that we wanted to introduce a new line in addition to the crocheted and felt bags, and this is how our first leather bag was born:
Mio, which we are very proud of.
And also for the fact that we took a new direction and thus turned towards the new in the image of the brand. and create the Edy Lenner brand, with which we can even achieve success on an international level in the future.
The Edy Lenner brand will definitely never change in one thing, we continue to use only selected, natural ingredients and work with the best possible domestic craftsmen and suppliers, thus ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards. For custom-made products, we thoroughly review the customer's needs, so that each completed piece perfectly matches the expectations.
Although we are still in the initial phase, our goal is to create sophisticated yet versatile bags and accessories for you, which will become your true love and help you feel even more harmonious in your own skin.
We hope that you like our products and that we can welcome you as one of our customers as soon as possible.
Thank you for staying with us!

Edina and the Edy Lenner team